Federal $$$ are directly connected to CRIME RATE FORECASTING STATISTICS.  Padding the numbers is a crime.  Once criminals get away with their bad acts over a period of time [like decades], they no longer fear consequences, and are emboldened to take higher risks… until they get caught.   It is time for the residents of Clark County to hold government officials accountable.

      $$$ Clark County, WA $$$
        Where CONVICTION 
        is a profitable business
Vancouver city leaders and Clark County government officials owe its citizens an explanation as to why our statistics do not reconcile with reason or reality. 


How does Clark County, at less than 1/4 the population of King County, 
report violent crime statistics between 2-4 times higher per capita 
than those reported by King County?
End of year statistical information has just been released regarding violent and non-violent criminal data upon which each WA State County qualifies for funding.  According to these statistics, in 2016...

1 in every 1,190 residents was jailed in King County 
              1 out every 369 residents was jailed in Clark County                                                             
  • If the data being reported is accurate, Clark County residents should all be justifiably alarmed...
  • If the data being reported is fraudulent (with intent to secure state and federal funds through inaccurate reporting), we should be outraged!
More startling statistics from WA Caseload Forecast report coming soon
"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark," one of the most recognizable lines from William Shakespeare's Hamlet, suggests suspicion of corruption.  

Information below indicates that...

(Above is a partial list of county stats posted for the purpose of comparison between Clark and King, Washington's largest county, with nearly 5 times the population of Clark County.  For complete statistical information, use the link: )

Is it any wonder Clark County, WA ranks among the top counties per capita for EXONERATION OF WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS (~according to the National Exoneration Registry)?  

Other counties in the ranks with Clark County, WA include: 
Cook County, IL (Chicago) 
Wayne County, MI (Detroit) 
New Orleans Parish, LA (New Orleans) 
New York County, NY (Manhattan) 
The Bronx, NY 
Kern County, CA 
Suffolk County, MA (Boston) 
On January 1, 2017, the Clark County, WA jail housed individuals charged with a total of 24 counts of MURDER I and MURDER II. The number of 2016 deceased associated with these charges is "6". This is a math problem. 

Funding is generated by convictions... the more serious, the more money.  Meanwhile, innocent people and their families suffer unthinkable loss. 

**The three italicized cases in red are "juveniles tried as adults" and one adult who were transported from prisons to Clark County for possible re-sentencing based on a change in federal sentencing guidelines.  These cases were adjudicated in 2003, 1998 and 1993 respectively. These cases appear to be included in the "25 homicides" reported by Clark County to WA State Courts.

Attempted Murder- The one and only instance of an "Attempted Murder" charge included above was not tallied into the 24 MURDER charges listed on the jail website.  It is included to demonstrate that while the majority of the 2016 identified "MURDERS" did not result in a deceased individual or individuals, the claim that all "attempt" murders fit in to the category of MURDER is not legitimate.  Why, if that was the case, would there be one individual (Kyle Stephen Holder) who is clearly designated with the charge of ATTEMPTED MURDER?

In December 2016, Clark County Superior Court reported a total of 25 homicides to the WA State Courts for caseload forecasting. 

Did homicides occur in Clark County, WA in 2016?  Absolutely 

Were there 25 homicides (according to the Bureau of Justice Statistic reporting guidelines) recorded in Superior Court record?  Absolutely not

[Note:  Washington State Courts collect monthly caseload data by County each year post-arrest, but pre-conviction.  That does not mean that the individuals charged lose the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. There is financial motivation for false escalation of charges in connection to many, if not most, of the individuals featured in the Clark County jail roster listing above]


Girlfriend of Woodland murder suspect appears in court

Note:  Mr. Luyster had a history that might indicate concerns of future criminal and/or violent behavior:


Note:  Mr. Gutierrez had a history that might indicate concerns of future criminal and/or violent behavior:


Note:  No documentation found to indicate Mr. Marjama had a history that might indicate future criminal and/or violent behavior


Note:  No documentation found to indicate Mr. Salgado had a history that might indicate future criminal and/or violent behavior. ALSO, on 1/6/2017, Salgado accepted a plea deal for the lesser charge of Murder II.  The Prosecutor stated that it was a good outcome; all the evidence was circumstantial.

Total qualified homicides in 2016: 6


  1. Traci, nice website but I think you are mistaken on a few topics.

    There is no law or RCW (revised code of Washington) for attempted murder. A law is needed in order to charge someone with the criminal act of breaking the law. There is no law for attempted murder, only for murder.

    In order to charge someone with attempting a crime, any crime, they are charged under the crime they attempted and then "attempted" is added to the charge, reducing the penalty one level. ( example from a Class B felony to a Class C felony). Please look up RCW 9a.28.020 for the full definition. This applies to all crimes not just murder. People who are charged with attempted burglary are also charged under the burglary RCW. They are booked into jail under the full burglary RCW.

    You are correct that Clark County has a large crime problem. Part of it is likely due to our proximity to a large metro area like Portland. It also may have to due with the fact that we have the lowest ratio of police officers to population in the state or the fact that our county collects a fraction of the taxes as a county of our size in other parts of the state. Why only show the smaller counties on your graph? I don't see Spokane, Snohomish or Pierce County on your list.

    Finally, it would be awesome if we could show our horrible crime stats to the federal government and they provided us with funding to help. In reality, our high crime level just means the tax money we get from our population gets stretched further. There is not magical federal funding source that gets increased when more crime is charged.

    1. Anonymous,

      I am well aware of the rationale under RCW, and that offers only half an explanation. Other counties in the state of Washington (and ours, only when eyes are on the paperwork in a case) use the terms "Murder I, Criminal Attempt" to account for the way the RCW conveniently splits the two (act and attempt) apart. However most jail rosters across the state, and hearing and trial paperwork for these cases in other counties, include the clarification of "criminal attempt"... Clark County does not.

      I have been watching the jail rosters in Clark County for 3 years and there is only one case where "Attempted" was added to "Murder" and that appeared to be because it was a case in which the defendant was being involuntarily committed to Western State Mental Hospital. It is likely that the charges had to be a correct reflection of ACTUAL crime alleged, otherwise the paperwork between agencies becomes "messy".

      But back to the original point. When you look at the numbers being reported in "caseload forecasting" on the State Court website by Clark County, all the "Murder 1" and "Murder II" listings from the original arrest and published on the jail roster are being reported under "HOMICIDE". Here is where the dishonesty qualify as a HOMICIDE, there must be a DECEASED individual. Federal funding (several sources have stated, but it is still unconfirmed) for any form of MURDER (not attempted murder, but actual HOMICIDE) provides an additional $800,000 per incident in federal $$$. Also, high and rising crime rates qualify areas (like ours) for a lot of high crime grants and special assistance. The assessment for that comes directly from the State caseload forecast reports... which come directly from the County reports, and go to the Bureau of Justice Statistics upon which federal funding decisions are based.

      Clark County is misreporting. I did a public records disclosure request to the Prosecutor's Office in 2016 (when I first reported on this) and it was verified through released records that the body count was well below the reported "HOMICIDES".

      Is it good to get federal funding to reduce the crime rate? Sure. Is it OK to cook the books to get that money? I can't see how that is OK for the County to do, but a criminal act when done by private citizens.

    2. I love this website!! In fact, I am looking into my options, as I have also been a victim of the unethical, crooked VPD. Traci, I have a few questions for you, if you would not mind. Please email me...


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