Famed Filmmaker/Producer, Joe Berlinger, whose film PARADISE LOST exposed the wrongful convictions of the "West Memphis Three" has shown personal interest in the Clark County, WA case of Matt L’Hommedieu ~ Navy SEAL, ParaRescueman, Smoke Jumper & retired Captain of Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue ~ who has been accused BY THOSE WITHIN THE CLARK COUNTY CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM
of escalating crimes from harassment & death threats to “MURDER FOR HIRE”

Filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost Trilogy) will investigate controversial cases and explore the farthest reaches of the American justice system, asking whether justice is being served. Focusing on various layers of the system, each episode will review controversial cases – carried out by or impacting prosecutors, citizens, police officers, and businesses, among others – to see whether the system of US justice has failed or triumphed. 
Al Jazeera America Presents The System - Joe Berlinger Interview from David Yeomans on Vimeo.

David Soule showed up at Clark County Courthouse yesterday to support SEAL Team One brother, Matt L'Hommedieu. Evidence of service was not acknowledged by defense attorney, John Terry, and is not a priority in Judge Zimmerman's courtroom.

The Clark County Picayune -
The L’Hommedieu Saga Part II, Shifting the Burden
November 28, 2016 – Vancouver, WA

Judge Darvin J. Zimmerman presided over a competency hearing for Lawrence “Matt” L’Hommedieu held today in Clark County District Court. L’Hommedieu, was taken into custody on November 14, 2016 for violation of a court order when he refused to take a 10.77 mental health evaluation. The basis of the hearing was to determine if L’Hommedieu was competent to represent himself in a misdemeanor case. Zimmerman stated in open court that he believed L’Hommedieu understood the charges and the case against him but he did not believe L’Hommedieu was competent to assist in his own defense. 

To compound the confusion in the courtroom, L’Hommedieu’s court appointed defense attorney, John Terry, failed to object to the results of the mental health evaluation which both Terry and the prosecuting attorney, Jacob Randall, admittedly had not read. Mr. Randall did, however, prepare a motion and order of civil confinement in advance of November 28th hearing, even though none of the court officers had read the mental health evaluation report, including Judge Zimmerman. Judge Zimmerman delayed granting the order for civil confinement to Western State Hospital until L’Hommedieu made his first appearance in Clark County Superior Court on a new charge of felony harassment. 

The order for a mental health evaluation stemmed from Zimmerman’s doubt as to whether L’Hommedieu served as a US Navy Seal, or was employed as a Captain of the TVF&R, or was a certified Smoke Jumper, or various other occupations and accomplishments credited to L’Hommedieu during court hearings. 

On November 10, 2016, the new additional charge of felony harassment with death threats was filed in Clark County Superior Court against L’Hommedieu. It has been alleged that L’Hommedieu made death threats to his former attorney, Katie Kauffman of the Jeff Barrar law firm three months earlier, an accusation that L’Hommedieu has vehemently denied. 

The hearing for first appearance was set via citation and summons for November 29th at 1:30 PM. Hours after the November 28th competency hearing ended with an uncertain delay, Clark County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Sinclair filed a citation at 2:19 PM this afternoon to change the Superior Court schedule for L’Hommedieu to appear at 9:00 AM on November 29th instead of 1:30 PM. Fortunately, the deception was caught and those close to L’Hommedieu have been updated. Just in time, too. L’Hommedieu recently retained Portland attorney, Jennie Clark, to represent him in the felony matter. It now appears that Clark will replace Terry and represent L’Hommedieu in both cases. 

What does the dishonoring of a US Navy Seal veteran have to do with a misdemeanor harassment case that has been haunting L’Hommedieu since February of 2015? It has everything to do with ‘shifting the burden of proof’ onto L’Hommedieu. In a criminal case, the burden of proof is always placed upon the prosecution. The accusations of Harassment and Assault IV Domestic Violence have been made against L’Hommedieu by his estranged wife and alleged victim, Shelane Sue L’Hommedieu. The prosecution has slow walked this case for 22 months, all the while failing to depose the alleged victim. As of November 14, the prosecution has attempted to shift the burden upon L’Hommedieu by requiring him to accept a mental health evaluation to prove that he is mentally competent to represent himself in this farce of a case. 

The 9:00 AM first appearance hearing has been set to be heard before Judge Scott Collier. L’Hommedieu will then come before Judge Zimmerman at 1:00 PM, presumably to sign an order of commitment intended to confine L’Hommedieu to a state mental institution for an undisclosed period of time.

To be continued…
(Click video excerpt below to hear Shelane L'Hommedieu's statements to Judge Zimmerman that her husband Matt was pretending to be a Navy SEAL Veteran & was faking PTSD with other imposter SEALS as a scam) 
Matt's wife, Shelane L'Hommedieu has allegedly written to the Prosecutor to recant the statements she made during the October 3rd hearing.  Mrs. L'Hommedieu was not a scheduled witness, but showed up to court on October 3rd for the purpose of slandering her husband.  Having been caught in verifiable false statements, she now claims confusion and "residual brain damage" as the excuse for her bad acts.  Regardless of how the court responds to Mrs. L'Hommedieu current admission of false statements, the fact remains... Shelane L'Hommedieu is not a competent fact witness and therefore, is not fit to testify in these matters.

NOTE: There is also undisputed evidence that Shelane L'Hommedieu received TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) through the State Welfare System from March 2015-October 2015. This type of assistance is made available by the State of Washington for the most impoverished of family situations. The maximum income & assets for Mrs. L'Hommedieu to receive this kind of assistance is below $700 per month.  Mr. L'Hommedieu was paying (through attorneys handling the divorce) support and medical of nearly $6,000 per month... all of which was current up to June of 2016. Maybe Mrs. L'Hommedieu and her attorneys were also confused or suffering from brain injury when Shelane was collecting welfare assistance from the State of Washington for 8 months in 2015. In any event, according to the WA State Attorney General, welfare fraud is investigated and prosecuted as theft, and can result in serious fines and jail time.

New information discovered about the "credible" inmate from Clark County jail who allegedly contacted attorney Katie Kauffman,
from the Jeffrey Barrar Law Firm, 
in November of 2016 to warn her about a "MURDER FOR HIRE" plot being hatched by NAVY SEAL, PARA-RESCUE MAN, RETIRED TUALATIN VALLEY FIRE AND RESCUE CAPTAIN, MATT L'HOMMEDIEU.  Included in the informant's 4-page RAP sheet featured below is a charge of 

And is it coincidence that the "informant" was brought in on the same date that Matt L'Hommedieu was taken into custody for a 10.77 evaluation?  Didn't Katie Kauffman state in open court that the call she received from an inmate who "normally wouldn't make a call like this" but was "concerned for her safety" 
WAS NOT a client of Vancouver Defenders?

The animated video above is a redition based on the fact that Vancouver Defenders owner and accuser, Jeffrey Barrar, was caught meeting with Judge Darvin Zimmerman and court-appointed Defense Attorney, John Terry, in an otherwise empty courtroom prior to Matt L'Hommedieu's December 6th hearing.  The trio had not been aware that supporters of Matt L'Hommedieu were waiting outside the court room for more than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled "special set" hearing.  During the court hearing, Judge Darvin Zimmerman would introduce claims made by Barrar numerous times causing extreme prejudice to the case, as well as crossing the line of his Professional Code of Ethics and Oath of Office.  Below are sample clips from the actual hearing.  

NOTE:  Matt L'Hommedieu spent nearly two weeks in solitary confinement as a result of Barrar's unsubstantiated claims; no charges were brought by the prosecuting attorney against L'Hommedieu regarding the Barrar allegations of "MURDER FOR HIRE".

Image result for 007 images
007 = Licenced to Kill
00, as in “007’, means “licensed to kill.” In Vancouver, WA, over the past several years (maybe longer) prosecutors, attorneys, judges and law enforcement have played a vicious game with the lives of innocent people for the purpose of retaliation--they make the “DEATH THREAT” claim.

“Officer Safety Risk” BOLO
Initially the claim, with its fabricated details, remains covert. The accused is not approached, questioned or informed in any way. Instead, this false information is circulated on a warning list through the city government offices and is distributed further in a law enforcement broadcast BOLO (be on the lookout) alert coded as “OFFICER SAFETY RISK”.

Tool for the “Dirty Cop”
When an individual has been coded “OFFICER SAFETY RISK”, all law enforcement are basically being informed to “shoot or be shot”. For the good cops, certainly this is a terrifying circumstance that makes an already dangerous job even more difficult. For the “dirty cops”, many of whom work in the Vancouver area, it is a “license to kill” someone who has challenged or criticized the Department, or who has drawn attention to the many levels of corruption in the local Criminal Injustice System (ie: Bad acts of crooked lawyers, prosecutors and judges). There is widespread precedent that shooting first, asking questions later in the case of law enforcement approaching an "OFFICER SAFETY RISK" holds little to no consequence.

Case(s) in Point
Guy and I discovered we had been labeled as such 5 months after the first “OFFICER SAFETY RISK” BOLO had been sent out to all Vancouver PD, and “wanted style” 8x10 posters had been distributed, in violation of Privacy Act laws, with our photos and personal identifiers throughout the city government offices. Our “accusers” were those who were working feverishly to prosecute and imprison an innocent man, John Garrett Smith (whose wrongful conviction of Attempted Murder II was recently overturned). Guy and I were, and still are, vocal supporters of Garrett’s innocence. As a measure of retaliation for our exposure of fraud and suppression of exculpatory evidence in Garrett’s case, disgruntled prosecutor, Jennifer Nugent and defense attorney, Josephine Townsend, made covert allegations that we had made “Death Threats” against the prosecutor in Garrett’s case.

Around the same time in 2015, a story broke in Vancouver’s Columbian Newspaper about a 13 year veteran secretary of the Prosecutor’s Office, Matthew Blaine Kozloski, who had made some waves about workplace discrimination. He too, had been accused of making “Death Threats”. After his case hit the news, the Attorney General’s office dropped the pending charges. The accusers from the Prosecutor’s Office including elected Prosecutor, Tony Golik.

Employee in Prosecutor’s office won’t face charges in email case:…/clark-count-prosecutor-office-s…/

Attorneys John Terry and Jeffrey Barrar were nowhere to be seen at yesterday’s 9 AM hearing to set bail for Matt L’Hommedieu. However, just as a bail amount was set at $10,000, a request was made by the prosecutor for attorney Katie Kauffman from the Jeffrey Barrar Law office to step forward and address the court.

Ms. Kaufman's first statement was the she didn’t feel her boss [Jeffrey Barrar] would agree with the release of L’Hommedieu on bail. She then delivered a story that came as a surprise to both Matt and his attorney, Jennie Clark. [Note: Jennie Clark had called the jail to get information about why Matt was being kept in 23 hour solitary confinement. She was not provided the details that Ms.Kaufman was alleging in court yesterday morning.]

Ms. Kaufman went on to claim that an unidentified inmate from Clark County jail, who had no connection to Vancouver Defenders, had called her personally from the jail. He had stated that he “normally wouldn’t make a call like this to a complete stranger” but that he was concerned for her safety. The information that he is alleged to have provided was that Matt L’Hommedieu was enlisting help from inmates to kill [I’m not sure if she said “her” or “Mr. Barrar” or “everyone” from Vancouver Defenders]. She went on to say that he was offering money and property etc in trade for these services. Ms. Kauffman then stated that she felt certain that Matt had the “resources and connections” to carry out these threats.
What stunned me most as I was hearing all this--besides the obvious shock that such outrageous statements were being made about Matt L’Hommedieu-- is the fact that I had heard this entire scenario before, almost word for word. Nearly identical statements exist in a Clark County case file I had previously researched because some elements of the case had similarities to the Garrett Smith case.

State v. Dino Constance, dubbed as the Clark County “Murder for Hire” case ended with Mr. Constance’s conviction based almost entirely on the claims of a jail informant who was proven repeatedly in court to lack even an ounce of credibility, and who also admitted to being bribed by officers of the court for his testimony.

Ms. Kaufman verified to the judge that a report had been filed, an investigation was underway, and she inferred that charges were pending. Judge Collier did state that since these new allegations were not verified to this point, he would still grant bail, but he raised the bail from $10,000 to $75,000. Matt remains in solitary confinement at Clark County jail.

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