Vancouver, WA Police Department's Sgt. Andy Hamlin & Detective Sandra Aldridge at their finest... a video you have to see to believe:

NEW INFORMATION:  Within 48 hours after the siege on the PETRENKO home, a first responding officer from the Vancouver Police Department filed an Internal Affairs complaint against Sgt. Andy Hamlin, and a separate complaint was filed internally regarding USE OF FORCE in this matter.  Those of us who have been victims of the rogue, dirty deeds done by DVPC Aldridge and Hamlin from Vancouver PD know that while Hamlin holds the supervisory position, ALDRIDGE (Bully with a Badge) calls the shots. The Vancouver Police Department HID THE FACT that Internal Affairs Complaint #2016-0014 was being investigated by the Professional Standards Unit and allowed Ilya and Stephanie Petrenko to be falsely arrested, prosecuted and persecuted for crimes that did not occur.

It is important to note that during the police dispatch audio featured below, there was no crime being committed by the parents that would warrant police involvement, and there was no CPS pick up order.  The father, Ilya Petrenko, was the individual who had video-taped Vancouver Police Department's warrant-less, forced entry into his home, and the video had gone viral.  Mr. Petrenko is not dangerous, he is not anti-government, and he is not a conspiracy theorist. Wife is not "gone...children left alone"; wife was arrested based on false information provided by the officers featured in the viral video--Detective Sandra Aldridge and Sgt. Andy Hamlin of the Vancouver Police Department.  The choice of these officers to transport small children without child safety seats was uncalled for, and against the law.


  1. Please share family court corruption video:

  2. Keep fighting guys! I'm from London England and was the victim of the 'legal kidnapp' of my 7 month old baby girl in 1999. She was later adopted against my will despite my continued efforts to fight the system. My daughter will be 18 this month and I haven't seen her since she was 10 months old. She has 4 siblings and myself awaiting her return. Xx