Let's examine accuser MOTIVE and competence to testify... since the conviction "dream team", including Mr. Smith's defense attorney Josephine Townsend, did not:

Garrett's wife and accuser had initiated an unlawful transfer of Garrett's Business from Oregon to Washington, added her name as "member" without Board approval, and claimed to be "Attorney in Fact" representing Garrett's interests. All this occurred approximately a month after Garrett's arrest, at the same time his wife and the Prosecutor were claiming Ms. Cresap-Smith was battling for her life, in and out of hospitals, unable to walk, and remained in a "coma-like" state.

Suppressed DNA Evidence discovered Post Conviction

**IPORTANT NOTE: The "extreme swelling" mentioned above in reference to medical personnel diagnoses are consistent with Ms. Cresap-Smith's known reaction to an allergy to the gluten found in many alcoholic beverages. Ms. Cresap-Smith's blood alcohol content when measured at the hospital hours after the incident was .192 nearly three times the legal limit. According to medical records, Ms. Cresap-Smith was admitted to the hospital that night for observation due primarily to extreme intoxication, NOT due to other injuries she and the prosecution claimed she suffered.

Excerpt from Det. Aldridge's police report: “…despite seeing numerous assault victims during my 16-year career as an officer, I was still taken back when I viewed Sheryl’s injuries.  I noticed that her face had a great deal of blood on it and there appeared to be a lot of facial swelling.  Her nose looked visibly crooked and her eyes appeared to be swollen shut. There was also substantial bruising that had already started around both of Sheryl’s eyes.

The first row of photos was taken from medical websites demonstrating the effects of Angioedema, an allergic reaction usually caused by chemicals or certain food products.  Uniform swelling to the face, eyes and lips occurs so rapidly and to such an extreme degree that most who suffer from this reaction can identify the allergy’s cause based on repeated reactions whenever they ingest the trigger food or substance.  The before-and-after shot on the top right shows how significantly an individual’s appearance can change when the reaction occurs.
The photo below the first row is a selfie of Sheryl Cresap-Smith taken at the hospital the night she claimed her husband, John Garratt Smith, attempted to murder her.  Mrs. Smith has a known allergy to the gluten in alcohol which is documented in her medical history and has been the source of prior hospital visits after episodes of heavy drinking. Ms. Cresap-Smith had a blood alcohol level of .192 when she was tested at the hospital hours after the verbal altercation with her husband.  Medical providers estimate her BAC at the time of the actual altercation was between .24 and .26, a level that is more than 3X the legal limit and just under the level of danger and concern for alcohol poisoning. Ms. Cresap-Smith was not kept at the hospital overnight due to injury.  Her medical records (suppressed during trial) show that she was kept for observation until she “sobered up” and to be counseled about her excessive use of alcohol.  Medical notes reveal that she stated to ER physicians that she drinks daily. The toxicology reports below demonstrate that hospital test results show a .192 blood alcohol content, and that Ms. Cresap-Smith’s white blood count was elevated which is a common reading for a severe allergic reaction such as occurs with those who suffer from Angioedema. 
 Important note: Additional photos taken after the ER visit have been the subject of debate as to their authenticity.  Formal allegations have been made against Detective Aldridge for evidence tampering (to include altering photos with editing software) in this case and multiple others.

Garrett Smith's new wife had a LONG history doing "personal injury" business through the Court System...

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Judge Robert A. Lewis (featured below) signed the heavy-handed conviction of 70 year-old Virginia Martin, and ordered/authorized over $7,000 in victim's assistance to be awarded to Sheryl Cresap in 2008.

Sheryl Cresap-Smith's RIGHT-HAND MEN:  She also had a history with the Judge originally assigned to Garrett's case... AND the Judge who convicted Smith in a bench trial after the first Judge's recusal...

2015 WALL STREET JOURNAL article in which TEAM COLLIER/LEWIS  of Clark County Superior Court share top billing, 
"Abuse Plagues System of Legal Guardians for Adults" ... 
(copy and paste the following link in web address bar to find complete article)  http://on.wsj.com/1NFXHdG

Excepts featuring Judge Scott Collier (the front man) and Judge Robert Lewis (the closer) below:
What does the WALL STREET article have to do with the WRONGFUL CONVICTION of John Garrett Smith? 

Sheryl Cresap-Smith, as evidenced by her qualification for a SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST, and by records of Clark County Court has a DESIGNATED GUARDIAN AD LITEM as she is deemed incompetent to handle her own affairs.

From the time John Garrett Smith met his second wife, Sheryl Cresap, in 2009 through his incarceration in 2013 and his wrongful conviction in December of 2014, Smith's companies were defrauded for over 1.2 million dollars.  Sheryl Cresap Smith did not accomplish this on her own.


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