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John Garrett Smith Appeals to SCOTUS with Writ of Certiorari

Representing himself Pro Se before the Washington Supreme Court in 2017 after Clark County Prosecutors were granted discretionary review of his overturned 2014 conviction, John Garrett Smith submitted multiple briefs in which he exposed fraud upon the court and police misconduct that led to his conviction.

Washington Supreme Court Justices ruled only on the narrow Privacy Act issue upon which Smith's overturned conviction was based, but failed to directly address evidence before them of a larger issue revealing a Clark County manufactured case, evidence tampering and malicious prosecution. While WSC re-instated Smith's conviction based on the Privacy Act issue, they included in their decision a recommendation for Smith to request remedy for the fraud by filing a Personal Restraint Petition (PRP) with the Court of Appeals Division II.

Since the Washington Supreme Court ruling, Smith has filed a PRP with COA II, along with multiple civil actions against local police, attorneys,…