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Kabuki Theater: A traditional Japanese play in which actors wear flashy costumes and masks.

In American politics, Kabuki has become a metaphor for “posturing” or “a performance in which nothing substantive is done. The mask symbolizes a suggestion that the audience—or public—is being deceived.
On December 3, 2014, John Garrett Smith was convicted in Clark County, Washington of attempted murder in the second degree, and sentenced to twelve years in prison.His conviction was overturned on appeal in October 2016, only to be reinstated in November 2017 by the Supreme Court of Washington State. The state courts have debated only the legal technicalities of the case, they have yet to address the alleged fraud that led to Smith’s wrongful conviction.Vancouver Police Detective Sandra Aldridge built the State’s case against Garrett Smith on a foundation of “Kabuki Theater”.
There is no better way to manufacture a criminal case narrative and ensure an airtight prosecution than to submit multiple …

July 12, 2018 Podcast Update: John Garrett Smith

State v. John Garrett Smith  Clark County Superior Court #13-1-01035-6
Prior to trial: ·Garrett Smith requested withdrawal of his counsel (Josephine Townsend) four weeks before a bench trial due to statements she made to prosecution implying Smith’s guilt, refusal to speak with him about the upcoming trial, and unwillingness to include critical evidence and call key witnesses for Smith’s defense.
·Representing himself with less than three weeks remaining before his Dec. 1, 2014 trial, Garrett Smith received discovery from the Prosecutor’s Office on 20 CDs and a 2GB flash drive in his jail cell with no device by which to review the evidence.When Smith asked for a CD player, he was denied by the judge. Because he had no access to discovery, Smith was pressured to rehire Townsend days before trial. Important note:The two manila envelopes of digital discovery delivered to Garrett Smith while he was Pro Se was not retrieved after trial, and remained in Smith’s personal belongings at the jail.…