The Nightmare Ends for Another Clark County Man, Wrongfully Convicted

On Thursday, March 8, 2018 Deron Parks of Vancouver, Washington won a 7-year battle through Washington’s criminal appeals process to prove his innocence and earn vindication.  The final attempt made last year by Clark County prosecutors to prevent Mr. Parks' overturned conviction from standing was denied yesterday by Washington Supreme Court Justices during an En Banc Conference.  Within hours of the decision, the online docket reflected that Parks’ case had been “disposed.” 

Deron Parks was wrongfully convicted after a jury trial in October of 2010 for crimes he did not commit.  Through the appeals process, a number of serious issues were revealed regarding the Clark County case against Parks which led to a new evidentiary hearing.  Discoveries about the original trial included questionable testimony revealing bias and faulty investigation by assigned detectives, including VPD Detective Sandra Aldridge. Also determined by Washington’s Court of Appeals Division II following the evidentiary hearing was that Deron Parks received ineffective assistance of counsel.  The attorney representing Parks in the case, now Judge Suzan Clark, failed to call key witnesses requested by her client who could have, and later did, provide testimony that proved Parks’ innocence.

Deron Parks will soon walk out of a Washington State Prison as a free and vindicated man.  Ironically, Parks’ original sentence nearly has been served with a release date scheduled for April 2018.  


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