UPDATED: July 27, 2018

The files pictured below contain full file contents obtained through public records disclosure of VPD Internal Affairs investigations of complaints against Detective Aldridge dating back to April 2014.

Lime colored files represent complaints filed in 2014...
Black files = 2015
Purple files = 2016
Red files = 2017
Blue files = 2018

November 2017 updated list of known IA complaints against VPD Aldridge:

15 KNOWN Complaints filed against VPD Detective Sandra Aldridge in 3 years...
According to an article published in the Columbian Newspaper regarding the 2016 overturned conviction of Clark County's Lester Juan Griffin, Jr.:

Policies in Doubt over Overturned Conviction
September 14, 2016

Prosecutors statewide are scratching their heads after the Washington Court of Appeals overturned a local criminal case, muddying the waters for what type of police misconduct can be brought up during a defendant's trial.

The court found last week that the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney's Office in 2009 did not provide evidence the defense could have used to potentially discredit a testifying police officer - known in the courts as a Brady violation.

Prokop, Jessica. "Policies in Doubt over Overturned Conviction." The Columbian (Vancouver, WA). McClatchyTribune Information Services. 2016. HighBeam Research. 24 Mar. 2017 <https://www.highbeam.com>.

In spite of the fact that the ruling in the Griffin case identified a requirement for disclosure of open Internal Affairs investigations regarding any officer who would be testifying in court REGARDLESS of the allegations, status or outcome of the IA investigation, the Clark County criminal justice system appears to be ignoring this precedent. 

In the Griffin ruling, it was noted that VPD Officer Jeffrey Wilken had three open IA investigations during the same time he testified against Mr. Griffin.  Further, Wilken's testimony was used by Prosecutor in the case, Tony Golik, to "rehabilitate" the testimony of other witnesses who were questionable. Wilken would later be removed from his position as a VPD officer as a result of proven misconduct.

Due to an absence of accountability within the VPD, Detective Sandra Aldridge is not on a law enforcement BRADY LIST in spite of the number of times allegations of her misconduct have warranted investigation (which far exceeds the three year listing above).  Detective Aldridge has, in the past three years, testified in countless trials.  Aldridge's conduct and testimony has been brought into question through allegations of fabrication of evidence, evidence tampering, witness intimidation & retaliation, perjury, false reporting, and other forms of official misconduct.  These allegations of misconduct have been formally brought before the Clark County Superior Court, Court of Appeals Division II, the WA Supreme Court, US Federal District Court of Western Washington, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Since March of 2017, this reporter has inquired on 4 separate occasions to the Vancouver City Attorney's Office and the Clark County Prosecutor's Office requesting information regarding the impact of the Griffin ruling on the existing BRADY POLICY. There has been no response.

According to the Griffin decision, Detective Sandra Aldridge SHOULD NOT BE TESTIFYING in court without full disclosure of her open Internal Affairs investigations.


  1. Bought time people take some kind of action against clark county....the vpd is full of croked cops and they should be held for there shit as well.

  2. I completely agree that Vancouver police are becoming drunk with power and with nothing to put them in check means we all are going to suffer. Most cops I've encountered seem to love the suffering of others. Their down right evil. Time for a change.

  3. Not all are bad cops but, since we citizens are not allowed to listen to the police scanner I feel there is very little citizen oversite going on. We have had a bad couple of months with several suspects dead from their encounters with police and we only get one side of the story.


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