Does VPD allow sexual misconduct if it doesn't involve a local Prosecutor?

In April of 2014, a citizen complaint was filed against Detective Sandra Aldridge for making sexual advances toward the complainant. Following an Internal Affairs investigation, a "Notice of Findings" was issued and included the following reprimand to Detective Aldridge from superior officer, Lt. Doug Luse:

[Note: The excerpt below is taken directly from the decision in IA investigation #2014-0097 involving allegations of sexual misconduct against Detective Sandra Aldridge]

"In your interview, you acknowledged encouraging Randi to watch the Melissa Ferrick "Drive" video. The transcript of your interview describes the video as "two women that are naked in bed." You yourself describe the video as "sensual."  Further, you stated that the reason you complemented Randi (via text) on her looks and suggested that she watch the video, was in order to help her with her self-esteem and make her realize that her partner should treat her better.

While the evidence in this investigation does not support the allegations, a critique of the complaint is in order. Your efforts to build up Randi's self-esteem through the recommendation of  a [sexual] music video and complementing her looks does not fall within the parameters of your duties as a law enforcement officer.  That is better left to the DV Advocates and not the investigating detective.

While your actions in this case did not amount to a sustained policy violation, they were inappropriate, and I must caution you that further similar actions could result in a sustained policy violation and possible discipline." 

An August 2016 complaint filed by a separate injured party alleges additional violations by Detective Sandra Aldridge.  Internal Affairs Complaint #2016-0077 includes new allegations and significant evidence of sexual misconduct by Detective Sandra Aldridge. This information currently is being considered in the final stages of what VPD Professional Standards Unit has deemed a "MAJOR" complaint. 

An email exchange [below] between Professional Standards Unit's Sgt. Barbara Kipp and the complainant may leave some question as to whether the investigation's focus is on violations of policy by Detective Sandra Aldridge, or instead, on protecting the reputations of VPD, the City of Vancouver, and the Prosecutor's office.  The question of concern in Sgt. Kipp's email  is whether Detective Aldridge's 2014 lover, "Amanda LaRue," who originally sent the sexual video link to Detective Aldridge through VPD work email, is, in fact, a Clark County Deputy Prosecutor.


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