Clark County & VPD: Wake up and smell the 30-year-old coffee!

[Link]   The Columbian: Ruling Stands in Spencer Case
Different player, same game...

A July 3, 2017 Columbian article [link above] reports Clark County's latest failure in its attempt to avoid payment of the $9 million jury award to Ray Spencer and his family.  In reviewing Clark County's original refusal to pay the award back in 2014, journalist Jessica Prokop states, "...the Clark County Commissioners unanimously voted to not pay the $9 million.  Then-Commissioners Tom Mielke, David Madore and Steve Stuart voted to no longer protect Krause and Davidson by paying the award. County Prosecutors argued that since Krause was found to have fabricated evidence, she was outside the scope of her duties as a county employee."

Detective Sandra Aldridge of the Vancouver Police Department has been, over the past several years and currently, at the center of over 20 VPD internal affairs investigations, multiple federal and state civil rights actions, and at least two overturned convictions.  In each of these instances, Aldridge is alleged to have fabricated evidence, lied under oath, and/or engaged in a plethora of civil rights violations, yet Detective Aldridge continues to escape formal reprimand or consequence. 

It is no wonder that VPD command staff, local government officials and prosecutors are trying to ratify past and present misconduct and deny all liability. The premise that has been clung to in Ray Spencer's civil case, and other current cases, is: 

If a detective believes someone is guilty,  she/he is free to lie, fabricate evidence and disregard civil rights in general, in order to secure a conviction. 

The Honorable Judge Andrew Hurwitz of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals called this premise "Astonishing".


  1. I just don't understand how 'they' continue to let her get away with this! It LOOKS bad for ALL of them!

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