VPD Detective Sandra Aldridge: Where there's smoke, there's an inferno

Does the City of Vancouver have specific attorneys on the payroll just to handle litigation resulting from violations of civil rights committed by Detective Sandra Aldridge?

VPD Officer Sandra Aldridge continues to compound liability for the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Police Department and the citizens of our community. Her misconduct remains UNCHECKED, while City leaders pour taxpayer dollars into full time legal defense to cover liability associated with the pattern and practice of violation of civil rights that Aldridge leaves in her path.  In addition to the 20+ internal affairs complaints filed against Aldridge with the Vancouver Police Department, complaints of misconduct under "Color of Law"  SPECIFICALLY NAMING DETECTIVE SANDRA ALDRIDGE have been brought forth in each of the civil and criminal cases listed below over the past four years:

List of alleged violations include:  Tampering with a witness, witness intimidation to include false arrest, tampering with evidence, manufacturing of evidence, falsifying police reports, perjury, subornation of perjury, making sexual advances to alleged DV victims, unlawful search and seizure, due process violations, false statements on search warrants, false statements regarding certifications, violations of state and federal Privacy Act, unlawful tampering with Criminal History Database (ACCESS) records, unlawful extradition and interstate fraud.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals
**Civil Appeals specifically naming Detective Aldridge regarding alleged misconduct under "Color of Law"

Bini V. City of Vancouver, Et Al No. 17-35517
Smith V. Aldridge No. 18-35253

Federal US District Court of Western Washington
**Civil suits specifically naming Detective Aldridge regarding alleged misconduct under "Color of Law"

Bini V. City of Vancouver, Et Al No. 3:16-cv-05460
Osborne V. Vancouver Police, Et Al No. 3:15-cv-05877
Smith V. Aldridge Et Al No. 3:18-cv05191

Tort Claim Filed with intent to sue in Federal US District  Court of Western WA
**Tort claim specifically naming Detective Aldridge regarding alleged misconduct under "Color of Law"

Ilya Petrenko & Stephanie Salyers V. City of Vancouver, Et Al (to be filed in Federal District Court)

Federal US District Court of Oregon
**Civil suits specifically naming Detective Aldridge regarding alleged misconduct under "Color of Law"

Smith V. Sandra Aldridge No. 3:17-cv-01485

Clark County Superior Court (Civil Action)
**Civil suits specifically naming Detective Aldridge regarding alleged misconduct under "Color of Law"

Hall V. City of Vancouver, Et Al No. 16-2-05712-1

Washington State Court of Appeals Division II
**Clark County conviction appeals in which Detective Aldridge is specifically named regarding alleged misconduct leading to conviction

State v. Deron Parks 45348-7-II (reverse and remand)
State v. Sandra Weller 44726-6-II
State v. John Garrett Smith 47205-8-II (reverse and remand)
State v. Lawrence Diese  47432-8-II
State v. Derek Hall No. 48733-1-II
State v. Derek Mark Loughrey No. 47339-9-II
State v. Nicholas Andrew Oxford No. 47291-1-II
State v. Stephanie Salyers No. 49799-9-II
State v. Jesse Ethan Butler No. 50328-0-II
State v. Calvin Luarca (number pending 2018)

Clark County Superior Court
**Clark County Superior Court convictions reached per plea deal in which Detective Sandra Aldridge has been identified regarding alleged misconduct increasing risk of wrongful conviction, therefore influencing decision to accept a plea deal:

State v. Tara Wills-Chaney (plea deal) No. 13-1-01760-1
State v. Derek Hall (plea deal) No. 13-1-02211-7
State v. Dominique Massey (plea deal) No. 14-1-02060-1
State v. Cory Cunningham (plea deal) No. 14-1-02465-7
State v. Charles Shelly (plea deal) No. 15-1-01277-1
State v. Lucas Osborne (plea deal)  No. 15-1-01915-5

Note:  This is a preliminary list and will be expanding as more information comes forward, and as more civil lawsuits are filed.



  1. I would like my son Calvin Luarca added to this as this woman, Sandra Aldridge I spoke to and was at the scene where my son was almost killed. I did email internal affairs as well as the Attorney general as well as VPD and others to this matter and I am personally a witness to her comments and unfairness to my Son a Native American. Please contact me at 503.919.0324 for a proper interview with evidence. My Son is housed right now in Clark County Jail and is still getting charges piled on him as Ms Aldridge is aware of our conversation and her wrong accusations and discrimination. She even laughed on the phone with me when she said there was a lot of blood from the stabbing to my son.

  2. How in the he'll does she still have a job. She sounds like she is a huge liability for them....

  3. It is bad enough that Sandra Aldridge is costing the department money and reputation, she is also costing those that she has wrongfully accused or wrongfully used the system to convict or extend the sentences of with false or exaggerated charges. A middle class individual living to his or her means who is charged wrongfully will lose his or her entire living standard acquiring legal representation, and lose the job with which he or she is to pay such representation. One corrupt charge, one use of corrupt methods, or one use of corrupt intimidation to scare someone into pleading guilty to which he or she is not is simply to much. Sandra Aldridge seems to be taking full advantage of the idea of being innocent until proven guilty while those she has violated sit in cells, or pay a large bail after losing the ability to make and income while they fight the false, exaggerated, or stacked charges that have been leveled against them. There is an overwhelming number of corrupt cases of which Sandra Aldridge is the center piece. If she had a suspect with a hundredth of what she is the center, she would have them behind bars and pushing them for a guilty plea.

    If individuals are convicted of crimes can have their assets ceased, so to should corrupt officers under suspicion have their cases ceased. All piled or stacked charges placed on individuals to intimidate them into pleading to lesser charges should be dropped and only charges with a adequate evidence should be moved forward. The goal of any law enforcement official is to protect the public in a fair manor. The job should not be a power play, nor should it be rewarded by convictions or number of years they remove someone from free society. Our law system was once a system that worked under the belief that one person who served one minute of time that he or she did not have to serve was far to great a price in a free country. The new idea of tough on crime allow Nazis like Sandra Aldridge to abuse the system to her advantage. She should be removed from/ paid status while these cases are reviewed, all of her current cases should be reduced to the charges that make since and dropped if there was intimidation or corrupt methods used. This is cannot be allow to happen. Every case she has worked on is not suspect of her corruption.

  4. Help everyone she is out ruining mine and my fiances life we have court today at 330 I want to help support people. That are being harassed by this detective I think we should all be present in everyone's Court cases to help show support and get this woman fired for her lies
    My number is 3609840519 please reach out to me and let me know who I can talk to I want my fiance home and Im tired of her lies and malicious involvement


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