Shame on You Clark County...Let the Spencer Family Heal!

Earlier this week, an appeal was submitted by attorneys representing Clark County to the 9th Circuit Court disputing the reinstatement of a $9 million jury award owed to Ray Spencer and his family.  It is the request of the County that the unanimous decision by three esteemed Justices of the 9th Circuit be disregarded, and that ALL NINE 9th Circuit Judges rule as to whether it is acceptable for a law enforcement officer to "hoke up" evidence for a wrongful conviction.

Ray Spencer posted the following after receiving the news: "Kathleen Zellner, my attorney, has already been contacted by other attorneys across the nation.  It is everyone's consensus that this will be the biggest civil rights case in the nation involving fabricated evidence.  Sgt. Michael Davidson's attorney has already testified that it is his client's practice to fabricate evidence if there is not enough there to convict."

How far will our local leaders go to avoid accountability for their horrendous acts against an innocent man?  Perhaps more terrifying... why are they fighting so hard to preserve and justify a pattern that is actively utilized today of securing wrongful convictions through false testimony and fabrication of evidence by a VPD law enforcement officer?
Detectives Sharon Krause (1984)
and Sandra Aldridge (2005-current)  
manufacture evidence to secure convictions 
when the facts in the case fail to match their theories of guilt.


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