Is Lying on a Search Warrant Permitted in Clark County, WA?

Recent litigation in Federal Courts has revealed that attorneys representing Clark County believe it is acceptable for a detective to fabricate evidence for a wrongful conviction as long as she "believes" the defendant is guilty at the time the evidence is fabricated (Spencer v. Krause). 

Similarly, in Bini v. Aldridge, Vancouver City Attorneys argue that as long as the detective "believed" she had probable cause at the time of arrest, that the wrongful arrest was excusable. This is in spite of the fact that the detective falsified information on a police report, and then stated in a supplemental report that she misunderstood the RCW.

Recent discovery through public records disclosure revealed that the same VPD Detective, Sandra Aldridge, has included false statements in at least three search warrants, submitted for command staff approval and judge's signatures (State v. Shelly, State v. Smith, and State v. Karsner). Command staff was made aware of these falsifications in May 2017. 

The alleged violations are currently under Internal Affairs review.  Will Aldridge's supervisors AGAIN give her a pass on this criminal behavior? 


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