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VPD officer under IA investigation 2x for sexual misconduct since 2014


Ray Spencer wins again... It's time for Clark County to tap out & pay up


Is Lying on a Search Warrant Permitted in Clark County, WA?

Recent litigation in Federal Courts has revealed that attorneys representing Clark County believe it is acceptable for a detective to fabricate evidence for a wrongful conviction as long as she "believes" the defendant is guilty at the time the evidence is fabricated (Spencer v. Krause). 

Similarly, in Bini v. Aldridge, Vancouver City Attorneys argue that as long as the detective "believed" she had probable cause at the time of arrest, that the wrongful arrest was excusable. This is in spite of the fact that the detective falsified information on a police report, and then stated in a supplemental report that she misunderstood the RCW.

Recent discovery through public records disclosure revealed that the same VPD Detective, Sandra Aldridge, has included false statements in at least three search warrants, submitted for command staff approval and judge's signatures (State v. Shelly, State v. Smith, and State v. Karsner). Command staff was made aware of these falsifi…

Shame on You Clark County...Let the Spencer Family Heal!

Earlier this week, an appeal was submitted by attorneys representing Clark County to the 9th Circuit Court disputing the reinstatement of a $9 million jury award owed to Ray Spencer and his family.  It is the request of the County that the unanimous decision by three esteemed Justices of the 9th Circuit be disregarded, and that ALL NINE 9th Circuit Judges rule as to whether it is acceptable for a law enforcement officer to "hoke up" evidence for a wrongful conviction.

Ray Spencer posted the following after receiving the news: "Kathleen Zellner, my attorney, has already been contacted by other attorneys across the nation.  It is everyone's consensus that this will be the biggest civil rights case in the nation involving fabricated evidence.  Sgt. Michael Davidson's attorney has already testified that it is his client's practice to fabricate evidence if there is not enough there to convict."

How far will our local leaders go to avoid accountability for thei…

Will Clark County Set State Record for Conviction Reversals by COA II?

Click the link below to read "HOT OFF THE PRESS" Court of Appeals Decision released today: (LINK:)  Deron Parks Conviction Reversal

CONVICTION INTEGRITY UNIT: A Solution for Clark County, WA

King County Prosecutor, Daniel Satterberg, who spoke at the 2015 Summit on Wrongful Conviction at Brooklyn Law School, asked and answered his own question:  "What's an acceptable error rate in our system of justice?  5%? Is it 1%?  If it's 1%, that means there's about 220,000 innocent people sitting in prison.  That seems too high"

In a Columbian news article entitled "Deal or no deal for suspects?" by Jessica Prokop (September 13, 2015) she writes, "In some cases, defendants elect to take a plea deal, despite being innocent, because they fear they could end up with more time after going to trial." Clark County Prosecutor, Tony Golik agreed "this scenario has happened in Clark County at some point but said he thinks 'it's a very small percentage.' "

In Clark County, WA, wrongful conviction is epidemic.  According to WA Court records, there were 6 convictions reversed and remanded back to Clark County in 2016 by the Court of…

The Ray Spencer Story on NPR

People like the Hardwicks of Orange County, the Avery family of Manitowoc County, and The Spencers of Clark County were put on this Earth to impact the course of history, and to affect positive change within our broken Criminal Justice System.  Their life experiences with injustice is not easy to stomach, but the courage they have all demonstrated by coming forward will have a lasting impact on efforts toward change.  Listen to the gripping story of a father, son and daughter who were robbed of their relationship through the self-serving mishaps of a broken judicial system... and the incredible truth that love knows no bounds as justice is served, and a family is reunited in spite of that corrupted system.