VPD Sandra Aldridge, Cell Phones & Manufactured Audio Files


Anyone who has been stalked, harassed, arrested,  and/or prosecuted by Detective Sandra Aldridge since 2013 knows that the first thing on her mind is snatching her target's cell phone.  From my own experience, Aldridge sent her supervisor, Sgt. Andrew Hamlin across the street to unlawfully seize an iPhone from my possession.  Aldridge made it clear in her police report that "she needed the iPhone for evidence", yet she had no warrant, and she took it from someone other than the person she was falsely arresting at the time. The Department refused to provide me with a receipt for the seized iPhone and did not return it for a full 6 months [as verified in Department emails obtained through public records disclosure].  

(NOTE:  Sgt. Hamlin had no visible identification when he swiped my iPhone, leading to his identification as "Mystery Officer X" in  complaints to VPD for an entire year).


Most who have had iPhone seized by Detective Sandra Aldridge have also had the following common experience 
[as verified through court records, complaints, civil law suit documents, and public records disclosure]:
A.  Instead of appropriately entering cell phones into the VPD Evidence Unit so that a secure chain of custody can be developed, Detective Aldridge stores the "sensitive digital evidence" in her personal temporary evidence locker at the DVPC... often for months or years.

B.  Detective Aldridge uses Cellebrite Extraction equipment and software, that is well beyond her level of training and expertise, to transfer highly sensitive digital evidence onto a CD.  She does this without witnesses or oversight, [as verified through her own declarations, VPD record and public records disclosure].

C.  Aldridge rarely bothers to secure a warrant to access the cell phones she seizes.  In cases that she does obtain a warrant, Aldridge has been known to include false statements to obtain a judge's signature on search warrants [verified through access to warrants submitted by Aldridge to Clark County Court].

D.  When it is time to return an iPhone to its rightful owner, Detective Aldridge, on multiple occasions, has had to be coaxed by Prosecutors and/or her supervisors to return the phone(s) to VPD Kit Abernathy at the Evidence Unit so that they can be released [according to emails obtained through public records disclosure]
Why is Aldridge engaging in a pattern and practice of unlawfully seizing and mishandling the iPhones of those she targets for conviction?

Because she is manufacturing audio evidence to support wrongful convictions... and NOT JUST IN GARRETT SMITH'S CASE.  More shocking details in upcoming posts. 


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