Clark County acts of fraud before WA Supreme Court

Clark County Prosecutors' request for discretionary review of  the Court of Appeal's October 4th, 2016 unanimous reversal of the conviction of JOHN GARRETT SMITH comes before the state Supreme Court on Thursday, June 8th.  Meanwhile, Garrett Smith, with no unserved charges currently against him, is being held in a Washington State Prison on an Appeal Bond of 12 million dollars. 

This outrageous and vindictive bail amount was put in place by Clark County Judge Robert A. Lewis, the sole trier of fact in Garrett Smith's December 2014 bench trial. Post conviction discovery (brought before the Court of Appeals within Smith's 2015 "Statement of Additional Grounds") revealed that Judge Lewis was the presiding judge on two separate cases within 5 years of Garrett Smith's arrest in which Smith's accuser was a party . In each case Judge Lewis ruled in favor of Smith's accuser, Sheryl Cresap.  Both cases were ripe with controversy and their subsequent outcomes [per rulings by Judge Lewis] resulted in significant financial gain for Ms. Cresap. [See State v. Virginia Lee Martin, case # 07-1-00421-1, ruling in 2009, and the Last will and testament of Victor D. Cresap, case # 08-4-00322-2, ruling in 2012.]

Post conviction discovery also indicates the likelihood that Judge Robert A. Lewis knew or should have known of the existence, and suppression, of exculpatory evidence, as well as the fabrication of key evidence used to wrongfully convict. 

The fraud that has permeated John Garrett Smith's case since his arrest in 2013 is now before the Supreme Court of the State of Washington.  Below are links to documents exposing the fraud, submitted by the Respondent, for the June 8th review.

WA Court of Appeals Division II # 47205-8-II (submitted October 8, 2015)


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