[Excerpt of letter to John Garrett Smith's son]

...We will continue to advocate for your father's freedom. The evidence is overwhelming that Detective Aldridge tampered with his iPhone in order to obtain an unlawful arrest and wrongful conviction. It was based upon false allegations that he attempted to murder Sheryl [Cresap-Smith]. The iPhone voicemail recording was the key piece of evidence that enabled Clark County to obtain a wrongful conviction and sentence him to 12 years in prison for a crime that never occurred.  

The background has been investigated and the financial data has been gathered to prove that your father had been taken advantage of by his second wife and her handlers. Sheryl [Cresap-Smith] preyed upon Garrett in 2009 when he was most vulnerable.

In Aug of 2011, Garrett's business partners, Joshua Gotlieb and Charles Barker, swindled $660K from his Hawaii business ventures, Co-gentech Pacific and Poly-gentech. The proof has been compiled and archived.

In Sept 2012, Garrett was defrauded of $113K by Internet scammers when he paid this money for an up front loan fee. The proof has been compiled and archived. Evidence suggests that Cresap was part of this scheme to defraud your father. 

On June 5, 2013, 2 days after the alleged attack, Sheryl sent an email to Garrett's business partners with Imperial Dairy Company, LLC announcing that she would be 'stepping in' and 'taking over' in place of Garrett. At the time Garrett had $250K in escrow for the purchase of 2 dairies, 1 heifer farm and a cheese factory.

At this same time, Garrett had, conservatively, well over $250 million in various projects that had been his life's work; dozens of projects with locations all over the western United States, any ONE of which would have made your father a FORTUNE. Sheryl Cresap likely targeted your father before they met, and has been sabotaging his efforts and stealing from him throughout their relationship.

All told, $1,023,000 liquid cash assets were embezzled from Garrett. Sheryl was there beside him during this entire timeline.

It is sad that you and your brothers have been subjected to the lies about your father. All four of you have had to mature at a rapid rate while trying to cope with and understand the fraud and theft that has been beset upon your family.

6/3/2017 will mark the four year anniversary of your father's nightmare.

6/8/2017 is the date set for oral arguments before the Washington Supreme Court. We are holding out hope that your father's most recent motions will finally be the key to set him free.

I wanted you to know the historical significance of your father's saga as an added understanding as to why and how he was wrongfully convicted.

Sheryl Cresap is well connected to the Clark County criminal justice system. These thieves were behind the fraud and theft of over 1 million in cash that was stolen from Garrett. These thieves were acutely aware of the enormous present value of your father's current projects [work in progress], as well as the untold future value of his intellectual properties, the Stewardsmith System. In blunt terms, he was set up.

We were caught up in this mess because we spoke out against the injustices upon your father long before we knew about the depth of the fraud...


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