"I had no idea where Garrett's phone was." VPD Officer Ly Ratha Yong

What's Wrong with this Picture? 

On June 2, 2013, at 11:36 PM, tiny VPD Ly Ratha Yong was the only [identified] responding officer to a 911 call reporting a vicious assault alleged to have taken place inside a million dollar home in a gated community on the Columbia River.  

VPD Yong is also the officer whose PSN number is listed on the two items (DV report form and Garrett Smith's iPhone) that were submitted into VPD evidence at 10:31:52 (verified by evidence barcode time stamp), at least 38 minutes before the altercation and subsequent "inadvertent" voicemail message was captured. 

NOTE:  This login of evidence "by Officer Ly Yong" took place well before Yong was dispatched to the home, and while she was on another call at a different address according to CRESA 911 dispatch records.

Yet, on the witness stand, in her police report and in deposition statements, VPD Officer Ly Yong consistently maintained that she "had no idea" of the whereabouts of Garrett's phone until it was presented to her by Skylar Williams at the hospital hours later. (WATCH VIDEO CLIP BELOW)

Note:  Detective Sandra Aldridge did not obtain a search warrant for Garrett Smith's iPhone until July 15, 2013.  According to the iPhone extraction report (over 7,000 pages) obtained from State's evidence post-conviction, the iPhone was accessed, GPS information from the night of the incident was deleted, thousands of business and personal emails were transferred and/or deleted, settings and configurations were changed... all in the first 48 hours the phone was in VPD custody, and well over a month before a warrant was requested to search the phone. 


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