Buried under a mountain of fraud and manufactured evidence...

It is the responsibility of all parties of the criminal justice system to acknowledge and investigate any substantial evidence that challenges a theory of guilt. During the Clark County, WA prosecution of John Garrett Smith, all parties were fully aware of the Verizon call logs which demonstrate the following fact: 

While Garrett was dialing his iPhone number from the home's business landline (labeled "Polygentech" in the image below), Garrett's iPhone dialed him back 2 times from it's hidden location before the infamous voicemail used to convict him, was 'inadvertently' recorded.  Since Smith's conviction, the 'inadvertent' voicemail recording has been verified through forensic analysis to be a manufactured audio compilation.

In the last minute of testimony during the three-day bench trial, Garrett Smith reveals, in his own testimony, the inconvenient Verizon call log facts that all parties to his prosecution had worked so hard to keep buried. (Play video clip below)

NOTE:  The image below is taken from Detective Sandra Aldridge's police report, but the information WAS NOT entered into evidence for trial. The boxed entries with red "X" to the right depict the two calls that originated from the missing iPhone, and were called into the landline in Garrett Smith's hand.  The Chain of Custody Report verifies that the iPhone was in the possession of the Vancouver Police Department at the time the calls were made.


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