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Questioning the Ethics of WSBA "Back Scratching"

A disturbing pattern is exposing itself amidst the fraud in the State's wrongful conviction of John Garrett Smith. While the details of said discovery are still unfolding, this can be affirmed:  At the center of this rotten onion, we find more than a handful of WSBA members. (Play video below)

Note:  DANIEL LLOYD is the Vancouver City Attorney defending dirty detective Sandra Aldridge against Guy Bini's federal civil lawsuit; DANIEL HEID is the Auburn City Attorney Hell-bent on writing Amicus Curiae briefs to the Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn the COA II reversal of Garrett Smith's wrongful conviction [enabled by fabrication of evidence and perjury by dirty detective Sandra Aldridge]. 
**It turns out these two go WAY BACK!

"I had no idea where Garrett's phone was." VPD Officer Ly Ratha Yong

What's Wrong with this Picture?

On June 2, 2013, at 11:36 PM, tiny VPD Ly Ratha Yong was the only [identified] responding officer to a 911 call reporting a vicious assault alleged to have taken place inside a million dollar home in a gated community on the Columbia River.  

VPD Yong is also the officer whose PSN number is listed on the two items (DV report form and Garrett Smith's iPhone) that were submitted into VPD evidence at 10:31:52 (verified by evidence barcode time stamp), at least 38 minutes before the altercation and subsequent "inadvertent" voicemail message was captured. 

NOTE:  This login of evidence "by Officer Ly Yong" took place well before Yong was dispatched to the home, and while she was on another call at a different address according to CRESA 911 dispatch records.

Yet, on the witness stand, in her police report and in deposition statements, VPD Officer Ly Yong consistently maintained that she "had no idea" of the whereabouts of Gar…

Buried under a mountain of fraud and manufactured evidence...

It is the responsibility of all parties of the criminal justice system to acknowledge and investigate any substantial evidence that challenges a theory of guilt. During the Clark County, WA prosecution of John Garrett Smith, all parties were fully aware of the Verizon call logs which demonstrate the following fact: 

While Garrett was dialing his iPhone number from the home's business landline (labeled "Polygentech" in the image below), Garrett's iPhone dialed him back 2 times from it's hidden location before the infamous voicemail used to convict him, was 'inadvertently' recorded.Since Smith's conviction, the 'inadvertent' voicemail recording has been verified through forensic analysis to be a manufactured audio compilation.

In the last minute of testimony during the three-day bench trial, Garrett Smith reveals, in his own testimony, the inconvenient Verizon call log facts that all parties to his prosecution had worked so hard to keep buried. …

Garrett Smith's 11/7/2014 PRO SE Request

History often repeats itself.  Over 2 years after his wrongful conviction,  Garrett Smith is requesting to represent himself in front of the Washington Supreme Court for the EXACT same reasons he made the request on November 7, 2014, three weeks before his trial.  Those who have represented Smith have consistently failed to address evidence tampering by law enforcement, ineffective assistance of counsel and prosecutor misconduct.  As a result, an  innocent man remains behind bars. (CLICK ON VIDEO BELOW)