Garrett Smith gets Opportunity to Expose Clark County Corruption

A decision released today by the Washington State Supreme Court to grant discretionary review for the COA II reversal of Garrett Smith's wrongful conviction opens the floodgates to expose the fraud and fabrication of evidence by Detective Sandra Aldridge before Washington State's highest court. 

On March 9th, oral arguments were heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the infamous Clark County wrongful conviction of Ray Spencer.  Mr. Spencer, an innocent man, spent nearly 20 years in prison due to the Clark County belief, still held today, that as long as a detective thinks someone is guilty, she is free to fabricate evidence to ensure conviction.  9th Circuit Court Judge Andrew Hurwitz found this Clark County position "astonishing".

Will the Supreme Court Judges find it "ASTONISHING" when they discover the evidence around which they are tasked to make a decision was tampered with and altered by lead detective Sandra Aldridge? 

Will the Supreme Court also find it "ASTONISHING" that the audio evidence, post-conviction, has been determined through forensic analysis to have been pieced together from multiple sources?

**Below is the response to prosecution by lead detective Sandra Aldridge when it was brought to the attention of the trial court that there was more than one version of the voicemail being circulated by attorneys for the defense and prosecution:
In court record today, four variations of the transcript accompanying the voicemail recording exist.  Each one contains significant differences in content from the others.


  1. I bet there is plenty more to come!!! It is way past time for the exposure and prosecution of Aldridge. How many lives has this woman destroyed? I pray it comes to pass in many counties!

  2. "Not since I listened to it last" ??? She just incriminated herself. Let's just get on with the task of firing and prosecuting power hungry a**.


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