Memoirs of an Innocent Man by Dr. Ray Spencer was officially released February 6th on Amazon ~ A first-hand account of Clark County and Washington State's most notorious wrongful conviction.

What happens in Clark County, WA when 
[as stated in a 2010 ABC 20/20 episode] "the lead investigator is out to make a name for herself"

...the exact same thing that is happening right now:  Innocent people are being wrongfully convicted of crimes based on false testimony & evidence fabricated by "Lead Detective" Aldridge.
More than 30 years have passed since the wrongful conviction of Ray Spencer for crimes that DID NOT OCCUR, yet the same Clark County, WA playbook for arrests and malicious prosecution of the innocent is still in use.  It is time to end this pattern of abuse by individual Law Enforcement Officers who operate outside of legal and ethical boundaries.


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