1. It's gonna be real funny when Garrett gets convicted again. I'll be watching your tap dance with lame justification too. Maybe reality is exactly what it seems and doesn't have phantom forces pulling the strings? Ha, that would be ridiculous in your mind. Gotta be the victim all the time Traci, it can't be that you actually suck and are wrong. Why don't you wait 15 months to file sexual harassment claims against your coworkers when your work performance is questioned again? Pathetic waste of time you are.

    1. Dear VPD "ANONYMOUS"... once again, you show your lack of skill in the investigation department. By Google-searching my name and hanging your comment on a single "establishment-initiated-damage-control" newspaper article, then neglecting to fact-check any further, you fail [purposely and with malice] to represent any semblance of truth... exactly like you did in Garrett Smith's case. Had you done your due diligence, you would have discovered that with the backing of the Seattle EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and representation of local Powerhouse attorney, Gregory Ferguson, I won that case. I guess that makes me 1-0...batter up DVPC criminals with badges!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. anonymous!!!lol your a having a childish tantrum,at this time of morning instead of getting ready for work!!!! got drink your cranberry juice..and have a nice day

  2. It's 4 AM and the "anonymous" coward has nothing better to do such as sleep. If this is such a pathetic waste of time then why are YOU losing sleep, loser? Answer: Because your tiny balls and/or your 'man in the canoe' are/is being squeezed; slowly yet firmly. OUCHEE! You and your cross-dressing boyfriend will be unemployed and wearing the orange colored Clark County casuals very soon. Then maybe, just maybe, you will be able to get a good night's sleep. Thank you for the post you dumb ass.
    With utmost sincerity,
    Guy Bini

  3. It's better to have a copy of everything in case something like that happens. I know that virtual data room providers will keep your documents safely stored in a "cloud".


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