Detective Sandra Aldridge may appear to be Vancouver Police Department's most ambitious employee - working around the clock, taking on duties far beyond the scope of her assignment, qualifications and training.  This appearance of a remarkable work ethic is a cover for the deplorable acts of injustice taking place.  Detective Aldridge has perfected an unethical pattern and practice of securing convictions at any cost.  Driven by racial and gender biases, she has developed strategies to create repeat offenders in the absence of criminal acts, remove children from homes where no abuse has occurred or been reported, and fabricate evidence to prosecute the innocent for crimes that did not occur.  The resulting devastation in the lives and families of innocent people is as difficult to measure as the damage to the public's trust in local law enforcement.

A special note of thanks to Detective Sandra Aldridge:  While the criminal behavior you practice under the COLOR OF LAW is unconscionable and, if justice is served, should result in your imprisonment, I will be forever thankful for one particular aspect of this ordeal. The opportunity to cross paths with  others you have victimized (listed below) and their families has been a true gift. These are not just a random group of "wrongfully accused" and harassed individuals, they are some of the most noble and inspirational people I have ever met. Thank you for bringing us all together.  


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