Detective Sandra Aldridge Named in ANOTHER Lawsuit

Aldridge has been named in a 4th civil lawsuit... this time in Clark County Superior Court.  Like in Garrett Smith's case, this one involves mishandling of evidence, broken chain of custody and other questionable [potentially criminal] acts of Detective Sandra Aldridge as "lead investigator" in a criminal case.  More to come on this developing story.

Detective Sandra Aldridge's record with Vancouver Police Department:
Number of citizen complaints = 20+
Number of civil lawsuits = 4
Number of disciplinary actions = 0
The day her Peace Officer certificate is revoked = PRICELESS

WA Legislators Must Call for ACCOUNTABILITY in Clark County

Chapter 4.100 RCW



The legislature recognizes that persons convicted and imprisoned for crimes they did not commit have been uniquely victimized. Having suffered tremendous injustice by being stripped of their lives and liberty, they are forced to endure imprisonment and are later stigmatized as felons. A majority of those wrongly convicted in Washington state have no remedy available under the law for the destruction of their personal lives resulting from errors in our criminal justice system. The legislature intends to provide an avenue for those who have been wrongly convicted in Washington state to redress the lost years of their lives, and help to address the unique challenges faced by the wrongly convicted... 

Falsified Voicemail Evidence v. WA State Attorneys' "Privacy Act" Agenda

Washington is one of 10 states that still enforces an "all party consent" law when it comes to recording a private conversation.  With slim and vaguely defined exceptions, a recording in which all parties did not give permission to record, is not admissible in court.  Said "recorder" could be charged with having violated the law. RCW 9.73 is a hot button topic within WA state and local government. In the case against John Garrett Smith,  attorneys statewide have scrambled at the opportunity to affect Privacy Act case law.

On December 3rd, 2014, in a bench trial, John Garrett Smith was convicted of Attempted Murder II. On October 4th, 2016, in a unanimous decision, the Court of Appeals Division II reversed the decision based upon a violation of the State's Privacy Act. The ONLY piece of evidence used to convict Smith of Attempted Murder II was fabricated voicemail recording

On April 25, 2017, the Washington Supreme Court was made aware of this fraudulent recording. [NOTE:  The fraud was reported to Clark County Prosecutor, Tony Golik prior to Smith's original conviction.  No action was taken by the Prosecutor's office to check the veracity of the tainted evidence].  In it's Petition for Discretionary Review, the Supreme Court will be reviewing Clark County's appeal of a "NON-Privacy Act" violation.  Clark County has suppressed the fabrication of the voicemail recording and continues to participate in fraud upon the court, rendering the State's Privacy Act irrelevant.

FRAUD UPON THE COURT is a fraud "directed to the judicial machinery itself ."  It is further defined as fraud where "the impartial functions of the court have been directly corrupted." 

Vancouver Police Department Detective Sandra Aldridge verified the voicemail was authentic.  It was Aldridge who testified that she downloaded the message directly from the iPhone. Aldridge also falsely stated, under oath, that she was Cellebrite Certified, thus qualified to extract the voicemail recording. 

A September 2015 VPD chain of custody report verifies that Aldridge checked Smith's iPhone out of the VPD evidence unit on July 15, 2013 and had not returned the iPhone back into the custody of the evidence unit 2.5 years later... even after Smith's conviction. The current status and location of the iPhone [and its original voicemail] is "undetermined".

Since 2008, Aldridge has been named in over 20 VPD Internal Affairs Investigations. Currently Aldridge is a named defendant in 2 Federal lawsuits, with 1 more pending filing... and likely several to follow.


$9 Million + $10.5 Million + $10.5 Million + YEARS of litigation $$$... + escalating liability in connection with the VPD's ratification of misconduct by Detective Sandra Aldridge
  • The parallels of misconduct in the cases are “ASTONISHING”
  • The focus on "liability" instead of truth & justice is IDENTICAL
  • Evidence that liability can significantly increase over time is UNDENIABLE

*2017 complaints exist, but have not been added to the list
**Listed complaints represent only those that were provided through multiple VPD records requests; 
others may exist that have not been disclosed
[More details about unchecked misconduct of VPD Aldridge coming soon]

Prosecutors Caught with Hand in the Cookie Jar

Clark County, Vancouver, WA: 
The malicious prosecution & wrongful conviction of John Garrett Smith is riddled with unanswered questions the Prosecutor’s Office & Vancouver Police Department scramble to keep buried. Continuing discovery of hidden evidence, concealed witnesses, suppressed audio depositions, disregarded exculpatory DNA Crime Lab reports, crime scene spoliation, and proof of fabrication of evidence & perjury by State’s key witness & lead detective, Sandra Aldridge, creates mounting liability for Clark County. Like a 5 year old child with his hand caught in the cookie jar, the Prosecutor's Office clings to the lie rather than accept responsibility and begin to address a problem that has plagued Clark County and its citizens for decades.

Following is  a sampling of questions waiting for answers from the Prosecutor's Office and others involved:

  • Why were DNA Crime lab results never entered into evidence?
  • Why was DNA analyst Caron Pruitt, claimed by prosecution to be a key witness, never added to the witness list?
  • Why were 7 Medical Doctors on the State's witness list NOT sent subpoenas to testify at trial? 
  • Why was "extent of injury" testimony provided by physician's assistants and physical therapists?
  • Why did 14 of the State's 27 witnesses fail to testify without notice or explanation?
  • Why did only 1 of 6 responding VPD officers testify?
  • Why were conflicting statements made by State's witnesses ignored by defense attorney, Josephine Townsend?
  • Why were there no police reports, statements, depositions or testimony from the following responding officers?
  • Why was non-responding VPD Officer Matthew Bachelder deposed, but not called to testify?  
  • Why did Bachelder refuse to answer deposition questions, and state that 'I do not want to be involved in this'? 
  • Why did Officer Yong describe a different crime scene (wrong bedroom) than was depicted in the photos?
  • Why did Detectives fail to preserve the crime scene?
  • Why was the iPhone logged into evidence 38 minutes before the incident occurred?
  • Who had possession of the iPhone that Garrett Smith was attempting to locate?
  • Why did the missing iPhone make two incoming calls to the landline in Smith's hand?

The most important questions involve the failure to properly authenticate the voicemail recording used to convict John Garrett Smith. The "CD copy" made by Detective Sandra Aldridge and used during trial has since been forensically analyzed, and discovered to be a composite fake.  

Where is the iPhone now that was checked out of the Evidence Unit in July of 2013 to Detective Sandra Aldridge, and, according to the evidence log, was not returned?



Questioning the Ethics of WSBA "Back Scratching"

A disturbing pattern is exposing itself amidst the fraud in the State's wrongful conviction of John Garrett Smith. While the details of said discovery are still unfolding, this can be affirmed:  At the center of this rotten onion, we find more than a handful of WSBA members. (Play video below)

Note:  DANIEL LLOYD is the Vancouver City Attorney defending dirty detective Sandra Aldridge against Guy Bini's federal civil lawsuit; DANIEL HEID is the Auburn City Attorney Hell-bent on writing Amicus Curiae briefs to the Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn the COA II reversal of Garrett Smith's wrongful conviction [enabled by fabrication of evidence and perjury by dirty detective Sandra Aldridge]. 
**It turns out these two go WAY BACK!


[Excerpt of letter to John Garrett Smith's son]

...We will continue to advocate for your father's freedom. The evidence is overwhelming that Detective Aldridge tampered with his iPhone in order to obtain an unlawful arrest and wrongful conviction. It was based upon false allegations that he attempted to murder Sheryl [Cresap-Smith]. The iPhone voicemail recording was the key piece of evidence that enabled Clark County to obtain a wrongful conviction and sentence him to 12 years in prison for a crime that never occurred.  

The background has been investigated and the financial data has been gathered to prove that your father had been taken advantage of by his second wife and her handlers. Sheryl [Cresap-Smith] preyed upon Garrett in 2009 when he was most vulnerable.

In Aug of 2011, Garrett's business partners, Joshua Gotlieb and Charles Barker, swindled $660K from his Hawaii business ventures, Co-gentech Pacific and Poly-gentech. The proof has been compiled and archived.

In Sept 2012, Garrett was defrauded of $113K by Internet scammers when he paid this money for an up front loan fee. The proof has been compiled and archived. Evidence suggests that Cresap was part of this scheme to defraud your father. 

On June 5, 2013, 2 days after the alleged attack, Sheryl sent an email to Garrett's business partners with Imperial Dairy Company, LLC announcing that she would be 'stepping in' and 'taking over' in place of Garrett. At the time Garrett had $250K in escrow for the purchase of 2 dairies, 1 heifer farm and a cheese factory.

At this same time, Garrett had, conservatively, well over $250 million in various projects that had been his life's work; dozens of projects with locations all over the western United States, any ONE of which would have made your father a FORTUNE. Sheryl Cresap likely targeted your father before they met, and has been sabotaging his efforts and stealing from him throughout their relationship.

All told, $1,023,000 liquid cash assets were embezzled from Garrett. Sheryl was there beside him during this entire timeline.

It is sad that you and your brothers have been subjected to the lies about your father. All four of you have had to mature at a rapid rate while trying to cope with and understand the fraud and theft that has been beset upon your family.

6/3/2017 will mark the four year anniversary of your father's nightmare.

6/8/2017 is the date set for oral arguments before the Washington Supreme Court. We are holding out hope that your father's most recent motions will finally be the key to set him free.

I wanted you to know the historical significance of your father's saga as an added understanding as to why and how he was wrongfully convicted.

Sheryl Cresap is well connected to the Clark County criminal justice system. These thieves were behind the fraud and theft of over 1 million in cash that was stolen from Garrett. These thieves were acutely aware of the enormous present value of your father's current projects [work in progress], as well as the untold future value of his intellectual properties, the Stewardsmith System. In blunt terms, he was set up.

We were caught up in this mess because we spoke out against the injustices upon your father long before we knew about the depth of the fraud...

"I had no idea where Garrett's phone was." VPD Officer Ly Ratha Yong

What's Wrong with this Picture? 

On June 2, 2013, at 11:36 PM, tiny VPD Ly Ratha Yong was the only [identified] responding officer to a 911 call reporting a vicious assault alleged to have taken place inside a million dollar home in a gated community on the Columbia River.  

VPD Yong is also the officer whose PSN number is listed on the two items (DV report form and Garrett Smith's iPhone) that were submitted into VPD evidence at 10:31:52 (verified by evidence barcode time stamp), at least 38 minutes before the altercation and subsequent "inadvertent" voicemail message was captured. 

NOTE:  This login of evidence "by Officer Ly Yong" took place well before Yong was dispatched to the home, and while she was on another call at a different address according to CRESA 911 dispatch records.

Yet, on the witness stand, in her police report and in deposition statements, VPD Officer Ly Yong consistently maintained that she "had no idea" of the whereabouts of Garrett's phone until it was presented to her by Skylar Williams at the hospital hours later. (WATCH VIDEO CLIP BELOW)

Note:  Detective Sandra Aldridge did not obtain a search warrant for Garrett Smith's iPhone until July 15, 2013.  According to the iPhone extraction report (over 7,000 pages) obtained from State's evidence post-conviction, the iPhone was accessed, GPS information from the night of the incident was deleted, thousands of business and personal emails were transferred and/or deleted, settings and configurations were changed... all in the first 48 hours the phone was in VPD custody, and well over a month before a warrant was requested to search the phone. 

Buried under a mountain of fraud and manufactured evidence...

It is the responsibility of all parties of the criminal justice system to acknowledge and investigate any substantial evidence that challenges a theory of guilt. During the Clark County, WA prosecution of John Garrett Smith, all parties were fully aware of the Verizon call logs which demonstrate the following fact: 

While Garrett was dialing his iPhone number from the home's business landline (labeled "Polygentech" in the image below), Garrett's iPhone dialed him back 2 times from it's hidden location before the infamous voicemail used to convict him, was 'inadvertently' recorded.  Since Smith's conviction, the 'inadvertent' voicemail recording has been verified through forensic analysis to be a manufactured audio compilation.

In the last minute of testimony during the three-day bench trial, Garrett Smith reveals, in his own testimony, the inconvenient Verizon call log facts that all parties to his prosecution had worked so hard to keep buried. (Play video clip below)

NOTE:  The image below is taken from Detective Sandra Aldridge's police report, but the information WAS NOT entered into evidence for trial. The boxed entries with red "X" to the right depict the two calls that originated from the missing iPhone, and were called into the landline in Garrett Smith's hand.  The Chain of Custody Report verifies that the iPhone was in the possession of the Vancouver Police Department at the time the calls were made.

Garrett Smith's 11/7/2014 PRO SE Request

History often repeats itself.  Over 2 years after his wrongful conviction,  Garrett Smith is requesting to represent himself in front of the Washington Supreme Court for the EXACT same reasons he made the request on November 7, 2014, three weeks before his trial.  Those who have represented him have consistently bypassed truth and justice to serve their own personal agendas.  As a result, an  innocent man remains behind bars. (CLICK ON VIDEO BELOW)

The Conviction of Garrett Smith: Evidence logged before crime occurred

On June 3, 2013, John Garrett Smith was arrested and booked into the Clark County, WA Jail. He was charged and later convicted of Attempted Murder II following a bench trial held on December 1 - 3, 2014 before Judge Robert A. Lewis.

A key piece of evidence used to convict Mr. Smith was a voicemail on his iPhone.  The recording of the incident was taken when Mr. Smith was attempting to locate his iPhone by calling it from his landline. The State alleged the audio depicts Mr. Smith’s attempt to murder his wife.

On June 2, 2013, the iPhone that captured this voicemail was logged into evidence at 10:31:52 PM, 38 minutes prior to the alleged assault. The recording was made at 11:10 PM, after the iPhone had been logged into evidence by the Vancouver Police Department.

The evidence log regarding the Chain of Custody Report identifies the iPhone as item 1455-002, and does not identify how the evidence got into custody before this crime was committed.

Mr. Smith has been in jail since June 3, 2013 and proclaims his innocence.  

In a published opinion, the Washington Court of Appeals, Division II overturned Mr. Smith’s conviction in a unanimous decision.  However, Clark County has appealed the decision to the Washington Supreme Court, and Mr. Smith remains incarcerated at Stafford Creek Correctional Facility in Aberdeen, WA.

Detective Sandra Aldridge, a key witness for the prosecution, was recalled to the witness stand seven times during Smith’s trial. She was the lead detective on the case, and has been employed at the Vancouver Police Department since 2005. 

Prior to her employment, Sandra Aldridge was a police officer in Bibb County, GA for the Macon Police Department.  In May of 2000, Aldridge was named in an officer involved shooting. She shot Patrick Long, a 21-year-old unarmed African American male; once in the back of the head, and once in the back. The Macon PD Internal Affairs investigation determined the shooting of Patrick Long to be a justifiable homicide.  

Sandra Aldridge left the Macon Police Department in 2005 and joined the Vancouver Police Department. Currently, Detective Aldridge is under investigation by the Vancouver Police Department for incidents unrelated to Mr. Smith’s case. Since April 2014, Aldridge has been named in 15 internal affairs investigations.  

Since December 2015, Detective Sandra Aldridge has been named in three federal lawsuits for civil rights violations.

Garrett Smith gets Opportunity to Expose Clark County Corruption

A decision released today by the Washington State Supreme Court to grant discretionary review for the COA II reversal of Garrett Smith's wrongful conviction opens the floodgates to expose the fraud and fabrication of evidence by Detective Sandra Aldridge before Washington State's highest court. 

On March 9th, oral arguments were heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the infamous Clark County wrongful conviction of Ray Spencer.  Mr. Spencer, an innocent man, spent nearly 20 years in prison due to the Clark County belief, still held today, that as long as a detective thinks someone is guilty, she is free to fabricate evidence to ensure conviction.  9th Circuit Court Judge Andrew Hurwitz found this Clark County position "astonishing".

Will the Supreme Court Judges find it "ASTONISHING" when they discover the evidence around which they are tasked to make a decision was tampered with and altered by lead detective Sandra Aldridge? 

Will the Supreme Court also find it "ASTONISHING" that the audio evidence, post-conviction, has been determined through forensic analysis to have been pieced together from multiple sources?

**Below is the response to prosecution by lead detective Sandra Aldridge when it was brought to the attention of the trial court that there was more than one version of the voicemail being circulated by attorneys for the defense and prosecution:
In court record today, four variations of the transcript accompanying the voicemail recording exist.  Each one contains significant differences in content from the others.

Are "Brady Cop" Qualifications changing in WA State?

March 25, 2017

Dear Clark County Prosecutors:
Recent articles published in the Columbian Newspaper state the following in part:
September 14, 2016
Prosecutors statewide are scratching their heads after the Washington Court of Appeals overturned a local criminal case, muddying the waters for what type of police misconduct can be brought up during a defendant's trial.
The court found last week that the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney's Office in 2009 did not provide evidence the defense could have used to potentially discredit a testifying police officer - known in the courts as a Brady violation.
Prokop, Jessica. "Policies in Doubt over Overturned Conviction." The Columbian (Vancouver, WA). McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. 2016. HighBeam Research. 24 Mar. 2017 <>.
Vancouver Man Gets New Trial Date
November 16, 2016
A Vancouver man whose convictions in a 2008 shooting were overturned, after the Washington Court of Appeals found that his rights to a fair trial were potentially violated, was back in Clark County Superior Court on Friday to receive a new trial date.
The state appeals court in September overturned Lester Juan Griffin Jr.'s convictions for first-degree burglary and first- degree assault, for which he had been sentenced to a 24-year prison term.
In Griffin's post-appeal petition, the court found that the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney's Office failed to provide evidence the defense could have used to potentially discredit a testifying police officer - known in the courts as a Brady violation. …

Prokop, Jessica. "Vancouver Man Gets New Trial Date." The Columbian (Vancouver, WA). McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. 2016. HighBeam Research. 24 Mar. 2017 <>.

Having studied Clark County’s “State of Washington v. Lester Juan Griffin” case including appeal [as released in public record and Online], it seems that the September 2016 decision of COA II reflects a requirement to look at police officers who testify in court cases –as far as their “Brady” status—in a different light.  Officer Jeff Wilken, for example, had three pending Internal Affairs investigations during the same time he testified for the State in the Griffin trial, yet no Brady information was provided.  This was determined to be in error according to the COA ruling.

Further, according to the same COA II decision, Wilken’s testimony was used to “rehabilitate” the testimony of other witnesses throughout the litigation of that case. Again, this was determined to have been inappropriate, especially in light of the circumstances mentioned above. 

I have read Clark County’s PID policy carefully, and I am requesting clarification about how these circumstances, and in particular the COA II ruling in the Griffin case, is being taken into account in relation to the Clark County’s Brady policy. Officer Sandra Aldridge of the Vancouver Police Department should not, according to the recent COA II ruling, be testifying in court cases without notice made to both prosecution and defense regarding her potential “BRADY” status. 

In addition, recent information obtained through public records disclosure indicates that Detective Sandra Aldridge is a strong candidate for Clark County’s existing Brady List. What is the process for initiation of a “Brady” review regarding police officers called to testify by the State, who are often used to rehabilitate the testimony of other witnesses, and who frequently have been, and continue to be, under Internal Affairs investigation by their own Department?

Thank you for information you are able to provide regarding applicability and/or adjustment to policy and procedure since the COA II ruling in State v. Lester Juan Griffin, as well as clarification of how an officer whose conduct is consistently in question may be considered for a Brady review.


Traci Eccles,

Concerned resident and citizen of Clark County, Vancouver, WA

Sample: Detective Aldridge "REHABILITATES" the testimony of her supervisor, Sgt. Andy Hamlin during Garrett's Smith's bench trial leading to a wrongful conviction in December of 2014.  Aldridge sat next to the Prosecutor for the entire trial and was privy to all testimony from both sides.  She was called back to the stand more times throughout the 3-day trial than any other witness for prosecution or defense.  Aldridge was the only witness that took the stand all 3 days of the trial.
Important note: Through public records disclosure of a recorded deposition with key State's witness, SKYLAR WILLIAMS [exculpatory evidence obtained post conviction], it was verified that Detective Aldridge was at the hospital hours after the incident [June 3rd, NOT June 5th] just as her supervisor testified in the video below.  Aldridge took great pains to distance herself [fraudulently], by several days, from involvement with Sheryl Cresap-Smith, Garrett's wife and accuser, at the early stages of the case against John Garrett Smith.
Memoirs of an Innocent Man by Dr. Ray Spencer was officially released February 6th on Amazon ~ A first-hand account of Clark County and Washington State's most notorious wrongful conviction.

What happens in Clark County, WA when 
[as stated in a 2010 ABC 20/20 episode] "the lead investigator is out to make a name for herself"

...the exact same thing that is happening right now:  Innocent people are being wrongfully convicted of crimes based on false testimony & evidence fabricated by "Lead Detective" Aldridge.
More than 30 years have passed since the wrongful conviction of Ray Spencer for crimes that DID NOT OCCUR, yet the same Clark County, WA playbook for arrests and malicious prosecution of the innocent is still in use.  It is time to end this pattern of abuse by individual Law Enforcement Officers who operate outside of legal and ethical boundaries.