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John Garrett Smith Appeals to SCOTUS with Writ of Certiorari

Representing himself Pro Se before the Washington Supreme Court in 2017 after Clark County Prosecutors were granted discretionary review of his overturned 2014 conviction, John Garrett Smith submitted multiple briefs in which he exposed fraud upon the court and police misconduct that led to his conviction.

Washington Supreme Court Justices ruled only on the narrow Privacy Act issue upon which Smith's overturned conviction was based, but failed to directly address evidence before them of a larger issue revealing a Clark County manufactured case, evidence tampering and malicious prosecution. While WSC re-instated Smith's conviction based on the Privacy Act issue, they included in their decision a recommendation for Smith to request remedy for the fraud by filing a Personal Restraint Petition (PRP) with the Court of Appeals Division II.

Since the Washington Supreme Court ruling, Smith has filed a PRP with COA II, along with multiple civil actions against local police, attorneys,…


Kabuki Theater: A traditional Japanese play in which actors wear flashy costumes and masks.

In American politics, Kabuki has become a metaphor for “posturing” or “a performance in which nothing substantive is done. The mask symbolizes a suggestion that the audience—or public—is being deceived.
On December 3, 2014, John Garrett Smith was convicted in Clark County, Washington of attempted murder in the second degree, and sentenced to twelve years in prison.His conviction was overturned on appeal in October 2016, only to be reinstated in November 2017 by the Supreme Court of Washington State. The state courts have debated only the legal technicalities of the case, they have yet to address the alleged fraud that led to Smith’s wrongful conviction.Vancouver Police Detective Sandra Aldridge built the State’s case against Garrett Smith on a foundation of “Kabuki Theater”.
There is no better way to manufacture a criminal case narrative and ensure an airtight prosecution than to submit multiple …

July 12, 2018 Podcast Update: John Garrett Smith

State v. John Garrett Smith  Clark County Superior Court #13-1-01035-6
Prior to trial: ·Garrett Smith requested withdrawal of his counsel (Josephine Townsend) four weeks before a bench trial due to statements she made to prosecution implying Smith’s guilt, refusal to speak with him about the upcoming trial, and unwillingness to include critical evidence and call key witnesses for Smith’s defense.
·Representing himself with less than three weeks remaining before his Dec. 1, 2014 trial, Garrett Smith received discovery from the Prosecutor’s Office on 20 CDs and a 2GB flash drive in his jail cell with no device by which to review the evidence.When Smith asked for a CD player, he was denied by the judge. Because he had no access to discovery, Smith was pressured to rehire Townsend days before trial. Important note:The two manila envelopes of digital discovery delivered to Garrett Smith while he was Pro Se was not retrieved after trial, and remained in Smith’s personal belongings at the jail.…

The Nightmare Ends for Another Clark County Man, Wrongfully Convicted

On Thursday, March 8, 2018 Deron Parks of Vancouver, Washington won a 7-year battle through Washington’s criminal appeals process to prove his innocence and earn vindication.  The final attempt made last year by Clark County prosecutors to prevent Mr. Parks' overturned conviction from standing was denied yesterday by Washington Supreme Court Justices during an En Banc Conference.  Within hours of the decision, the online docket reflected that Parks’ case had been “disposed.” 
Deron Parks was wrongfully convicted after a jury trial in October of 2010 for crimes he did not commit.Through the appeals process, a number of serious issues were revealed regarding the Clark County case against Parks which led to a new evidentiary hearing.Discoveries about the original trial included questionable testimony revealing bias and faulty investigation by assigned detectives, including VPD Detective Sandra Aldridge.Also determined by Washington’s Court of Appeals Division II following the evidenti…

Man Stabbed by Girlfriend, Held on $100K Bail

January 23, 2018 Guy Bini
Vancouver, WA ~
A Portland man was stabbed in the abdomen with a kitchen knife by his girlfriend and is currently being held in the Clark County Jail on $100,000 bail.
According to court records, Zonnisha Meyer, 26, of Vancouver admitted to police to stabbing Calvin Luarca, 30, during an alleged altercation at Meyer’s residence. The recorded 911 phone call made by Meyer also confirms her admission to stabbing Luarca.
On the morning of Saturday, November 18, 2017 at approximately 10:25 AM, Luarca, who was invited by Meyer to visit her, traveled to Vancouver. Luarca’s mother, Brenda Carney, had purchased round trip airline tickets for Meyer to fly out to Dallas, TX on November 21st with plans to return on the 25th so she could be with her family during the Thanksgiving holiday.
According to Carney, Meyer greeted Luarca at the door and stayed behind him as he began to walk up the stairs. Without warning, Luarca was attacked from behind by an unkno…


UPDATED: July 27, 2018

The files pictured below contain full file contents obtained through public records disclosure of VPD Internal Affairs investigations of complaints against Detective Aldridge dating back to April 2014.

Lime colored files represent complaints filed in 2014...
Black files = 2015
Purple files = 2016
Red files = 2017
Blue files = 2018

November 2017 updated list of known IA complaints against VPD Aldridge:

15 KNOWN Complaints filed against VPD Detective Sandra Aldridge in 3 years...
According to an article published in the Columbian Newspaper regarding the 2016 overturned conviction of Clark County's Lester Juan Griffin, Jr.:
Policies in Doubt over Overturned Conviction September 14, 2016

Prosecutors statewide are scratching their heads after the Washington Court of Appeals overturned a local criminal case, muddying the waters for what type of police misconduct can be brought up during a defendant's trial.

The court found last week that the Clark County Prosecuting…